Subscription products

What are subscription products?

The subscription model allows you to sell a series of products with recurring payments (for example, annual licenses or products with regular/periodic content updates). 

It's a great way to boost customer loyalty and increase your revenue. If selling subscriptions is new to you, here we've listed some seriously convincing pros, plus, some ideas for your future subscription products.

How does it work on Sellfy?

Billing intervals

With our toolset, you can set the subscription payments in daily/weekly/monthly/annual intervals. This means you'll need to update the product file in the same intervals.  
So, for example, when a customer buys your monthly subscription, they will receive the new product file once a month, and they will be billed once a month as well. The same goes for the other intervals.

The billing cycle for each subscription will be based on the purchase date and time. 
So, for example, if the buyer purchased your subscription on September 9, and your subscription interval is set to month, the next charge will occur on October 9.

Customer experience

Buyer download links will have a 5 download attempt limit (same as for regular purchases) and will be automatically reset with each new billing cycle (or, in other words, when the new product edition is released).

How can I start selling subscriptions?

First, you need to make sure your payment options are set up correctly.

Once you've configured your payment options according to the instructions, you can

How can I keep track of my subscriptions?

To view sold subscriptions, go to the Orders section.
Looking at a single subscription, you'll find information about the buyer and all invoices associated with this subscription. 

What happens if I change the subscription at some point?

When you change the subscription product name, price, interval, or currency, it will create a new subscription plan within the subscription product you modified. 
The new terms will apply only to new customers while existing buyers will be billed according to the original terms. 
For example, if a buyer purchased a subscription for $5 per month, and later on, you change the subscription price to $10 per month, the buyer will be billed $5/mo for as long as their subscription is active.

Can I change an existing product into a subscription?

No, currently it's not possible to transform existing products into subscriptions. You'll need to create entirely new subscriptions for that.

Can I set the subscription price to Pay What You Want?

The Pay-what-you-want pricing is not available for subscription products.  

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