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How to upgrade the Sell Downloads App

How can I add a new button?

How to delete a Buy now button

How to cancel the Sell Downloads app on Wix

Important! The Sell Downloads app on WIX is a separate service with a different set of features than The two services are incompatible and can not both be added to the same Sellfy account.

If you have a Wix site and want to start easily selling digital downloads, you can install the Sellfy app into your Wix site from the Wix App Market.

What features are available in the Sell Downloads app?

Create your account

To start using the app:

  1. Click Sign up
  2. Enter your account email address and a secure password
  3. Enter your PayPal email address, that's where you'll receive payments from customers

Once you've created your account, the 14-day trial period will begin. During the trial, you'll be able to use all Premium version features.

To continue using the app after the 14-day trial, you'll need to upgrade to Premium. The upgrade will not happen automatically after 14 days, you'll need to select that option manually.

Upload your products

To add a new product to your Wix site, you first upload the product file to your Sell Downloads account. After that, you add it to your Wix site and connect the two via Sellfy's Buy now button.

Important! The Sell Downloads app is only meant to display the Buy Now button and the Checkout. You'll need to add the product images and description directly to your Wix site with the tools offered in the Wix editor.

  1. From your Wix account, navigate to the Sell Downloads dashboard
  2. Go to Products > Add new product
  3. Add the product file(s) and product details
  4. Save
  5. In your Wix account, click Add 
  6. Add the product image, product title and description to the site
  7. Add a Buy now button
  8. Click Settings > Select product
  9. Assign

Customize your Buy Now buttons

You can customize the Buy Now buttons to match the style of your site. Go to the Design section to change the button text and color. Play around and see what works best for you!

Please note that it's not possible to adjust the size of the Buy Now button.

Set up payment collection

You can collect payments through PayPal or Stripe

To add payment options, go to  Dashboard > Store settings > Payment settings.

To correctly add your Stripe payment details, follow the instructions in this article: How to receive payments from customers? More information about Stripe is available on their site here.

You can also set the primary currency for your store. Sellfy supports 24 different currencies. 

Upgrade to Premium

To upgrade to Premium, click on the purple Upgrade button. The Premium version costs $9.99/month and will contain all the features already available in the trial version.

How can I add a new button?

To add a new button, press Ctrl + D ( it's ⌘ + D on a Mac computer) OR click Duplicate in the Wix app panel (see image below).

After that, click Settings > Select product > Assign to link a product from your dashboard to the button. 

How can I delete a Buy Now button?

Note: Deleting a Buy Now button will not delete the uploaded product, it will still be available in your Products section.

To delete a Buy Now button, use one of these options:

  • Select the button and click Backspace (erase) on your keyboard
  • Select the button and click Delete or Del on your keyboard 
  • Right-click on the button and select Delete from the list of options.

How do I cancel my Sell Downloads app subscription?

You can cancel the app payments at any time inside your Wix account.

Important! Sellfy does not manage payments for this app, and there's no way to cancel it on our end. You can cancel the app and inquire about a refund only through 

Full information about app cancellations is available here: Wix Help Center: How do I cancel an app upgrade from the Wix App Market?

  1. Log into your Wix account
  2. Go to Subscriptions
  3. Click the 3 dots icon next to the Sellfy app.
  4. Click Cancel Plan
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