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How to add physical products on Sellfy

Can I limit the stock of my products?

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How does shipping work on Sellfy?

How to add a tracking number

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How to add physical products on Sellfy

We've introduced this feature in August 2019 so it's now possible to also sell physical products with Sellfy.

To add physical products to your store:

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Go to Products > Physical products
  3. Click Add new product
  4. Add the product details (name, description, images, price, variants if applicable)
  5. Click Save

Can I limit the stock of my products?

Yes, you can manually influence the stock of each product and offer a limited number for a single product or variant of a product. 

If the entire stock of a product has sold, the product will be displayed as "out of stock" on the store page(s) and product page.

Note: it's not possible to change the stock for all products at the same time. You'll need to manage the stock of each product, or variant(s) of a product, individually. 

You can manage the stock of each product directly in the Product Editor. Here's how you can edit the stock of any product:

  1. Log into your Sellfy account
  2. Navigate to Products > select the product you want to edit
  3. Scroll down to Stock section
  4. Switch the toggle next to Unlimited (it should be grey)
  5. Set the number of stock for this product
  6. Click Save Product

Can I sell different variations of one product?

If you're looking to offer different variations of one single product in your store, the Variants feature is the perfect tool for you. 

The feature lets you add an extensive amount of product variations per product. You are even able to offer single variations of a product at different price points and add stock limits, too. 

Product variations may be, but are not limited to:

  • Sizes 
  • Colors
  • Shapes 

You can add, edit and delete variants on existing or new products by editing the product page in your Sellfy account.

How does shipping work on Sellfy?

Important! Sellfy does not provide shipping or fulfillment services. 

Selling physical products on Sellfy means that you'll be responsible for the delivery of the product. You must make sure that you set your shipping options to only include the countries/regions that you are physically  and legally able to ship to. 

By default, Shipping is set to Worldwide. Depending on your location, however, you may be able to ship easily within the United States but will encounter difficulties shipping to Europe or other parts of the world. You'll be able to edit shipping options in your Sellfy account at any time to exclude locations that you aren't able to deliver items to. 

Flatrate and combined shipping

When setting the price for shipping, you'll want to make sure to add a price for both Cost and With others individually. 

If you want to offer flat shipping rates for your store, you'll want to use the same price in the Cost column for each product and set the price in the With others column to $0 for each product. That way, the shipping cost for multiple items will be the price you entered in the Cost column. If you add a price for shipping With others, we'll automatically calculate the shipping costs for you by adding the price of With others to the highest Cost.

Cost - the total cost for shipping an item to the region/country selected if purchased on its own.

With others - the cost that is added to the total shipping price if the item is purchased in combination with another item of a higher shipping price.

Note: The total shipping cost of an order will equal the price of the most expensive shipping cost plus the "with others" shipping cost for any additional items.

To add and/or edit the shipping options for your product(s):

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Navigate to Products > Physical products (the product must be uploaded as a physical product to display the shipping settings in the editor)
  3. Scroll down to Shipping
  4. Select the country or region you want to add from the dropdown
  5. Set the price for Cost and With others
  6. Click Save product

Exclude locations from shipping

Note: If you ship to most countries/regions and only have a small number of locations that you don't ship to, we recommend selecting Worldwide in the Shipping section. Then, use this feature to exclude locations you do not ship to. 

There are a number of locations that you may choose to exclude in the Shipping settings. You can choose to exclude:

  • an entire country or region
  • a region/state within a country
  • a major city

If you have added a country or region for shipping that contains locations within it that you are not able to deliver to, you can exclude them in this section.  For instance, you might have added the United States to the list of countries that you ship to, but are not able to ship to Alaska due to delivery costs or other reasons. By adding Alaska to the list of locations to exclude from shipping, customers with a shipping address in Alaska cannot make a purchase while customers located in any other part of the U.S. will be able to check out in your store. 

  1. In the Product Editor, scroll to Shipping
  2. Click Choose countries/regions to exclude from shipping
  3. Add the country/region/city that you want to exclude
  4. Save

Important! Customers with an address in any of the locations added to this list, will not be able to check out in your store. 

How to add a tracking number

Once you shipped the item to the customer, you can mark the item "Shipped" and add a tracking number for the order in your Sellfy account. 

To add a tracking number:

  1. Go to Orders > search orders using the customer's email 
  2. Select the order > Mark as Shipped
  3. Paste the tracking URL > Confirm
  4. The tracking URL is now added to the Order details

Note: Customers are able to see the tracking number on the Confirmation page after you added it to the Order details.

Using the Sellfy mobile app 

The Sellfy app officially launched in February 2020 and is available in the App Store for iOS devices, and in Google Play for Android devices.

The mobile app lets you access order information such as the shipping address on-the-go. You can also mark items "shipped" via the app if you don't have access to your desktop.


Q: Does Sellfy ship my products?

A: No. Sellfy does not handle or fulfill shipping.

Q: Does Sellfy allow for flat or combined shipping options?

A: Yes! You can add the shipping cost individually per item and choose $0 for With others in order to offer flat shipping. If you add a price for the With others column, we'll automatically calculate the combined shipping per order for you.

Q: Does Sellfy have a dropshipping service?

A: At the moment, we don't offer dropshipping services or third-party drop shipping integration with Sellfy.

Q: How do I get a tracking number for the order?

A: You'll need to create a manual tracking number. Currently, Sellfy does not automatically generate a tracking number for physical orders. 

Q: Can I sell physical and digital products in one product?

A: Yes, you have the option to include a digital file when adding a physical product to your store. To combine a digital product with a physical product, you need to list the product as a physical product in your store. Then, when you add the physical product, simply include the digital file by uploading it from your device before you save the product.
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