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How to add physical products on Sellfy

Can I sell different variations of one product?

Can I sell both physical and digital products in one product?

How does shipping work on Sellfy?

How to add physical products on Sellfy

We've introduced this feature in August 2019 so it's now possible to also sell physical products with Sellfy.

To add physical products to your store:

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Go to Products → Physical products
  3. Click Add new product
  4. Fill in your product details
  5. Click Save

Can I sell different variations of one product?

If you're looking to offer different variations of one single product in your store, the Variants feature is the perfect tool for you. 

The feature lets you add an extensive amount of product variations per product. You are even able to offer single variations of a product at different price points and add stock limits, too. 

Product variations may be, but are not limited to:

  • Sizes 
  • Colors
  • Shapes 

You can add, edit and delete variants on existing or new products by editing the product page in your Sellfy account.

Can I sell both physical and digital products in one product?

Yes, you have the option to include a digital file when adding a physical product in your store. To combine a digital product with a physical product, you need to list the product as a physical product in your store. 

Then, when you add the physical product, simply include the digital file by uploading it from your device before you save the product.

How does shipping work on Sellfy?

Important! Sellfy does not provide shipping or fulfillment services so, if you're selling physical products using Sellfy, you'll need to handle shipping and logistics from your end. Shipping options and methods are entirely up to and can be set up individually in your account to suit your business capacity.

When you sell a physical product, you'll be responsible for the delivery of the product. You'll want to ensure that you're able to ship the products that you're offering to your customers. 

By default, the shipping setting is set to Worldwide. Depending on your location, however, you may be able to ship easily within the United States but will encounter difficulties shipping to Europe or other parts of the world.

Make sure that you set your shipping options to only include the countries that you are physically and legally able to ship to. You can edit the shipping options in your Sellfy account at any time to exclude any locations that you aren't able to deliver packages to.

To add and/or edit the shipping options for your product(s):

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Navigate to Products > Physical products (the product must be uploaded as a physical product to display the shipping settings in the editor)
  3. Scroll down to Shipping
  4. Click Add shipping region/country
  5. Select the countries/regions > Add new
  6. Set the price for each shipping option(s)
  7. Click Save product

Note: It's not possible to edit the shipping options for all products at once. You'll need to save shipping options for each product separately.

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