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How do Etsy and Sellfy compare?

How easy is it to switch my business to Sellfy?

Can I offer custom-made products on Sellfy?

How does Shipping work on Sellfy?

Flatrate and combined shipping

How do Etsy and Sellfy compare?

Etsy and Sellfy are both e-commerce platforms that allow you to sell your products online, but in terms of features and functionality, they differ considerably. 

Etsy can be considered more of a marketplace in which you compete directly with other sellers. Customers can use the search function to enter keywords and are presented with multiple sellers offering the same or similar products that match the keywords. This means that your prices, images, and the like are being compared to other sellers and their products.

Note: Etsy functions as a marketplace whereas Sellfy is built for creators who sell products through their own custom storefront. This eliminates the tough competition in the marketplace settings.

Sellfy, on the other hand, is designed for creators and businesses looking to sell products through a customizable storefront, an existing website, blog, and social media channels. Your customers can visit a professional-looking website to see all of your products and only your products!

Sellfy also offers features and integrations for advancing the marketing and sales of products, such as upselling and simple email marketing as well as integrated analytics, and more.

How easy is it to switch my business to Sellfy?

It's not difficult to get started at Sellfy and we'll help you make the transition as smooth as possible! But, starting your store at Sellfy will require you to take time to customize your storefront and upload your products. Unfortunately, it's not possible to move your entire business from Etsy to Sellfy in one single step. However, our free two-week trial is the perfect time to get everything ready to make the switch.

You can use Sellfy in four different ways to sell your products online:

  1. Build a Sellfy-based storefront
  2. Use your Sellfy storefront under a custom domain
  3. Embed our simple checkout into your own website or blog
  4. Put direct links to your store in your Instagram, Youtube, or other social media channels

If you're interested to read more about how you can use Sellfy, head over here. Then, here's a list of steps you'd need to take to start selling with Sellfy:

  1. Sign up for our 14-day free trial
  2. Add your products
  3. Build a Sellfy-based storefront or embed our service
  4. Select a subscription plan that fits your needs

Can I offer custom-made products on Sellfy?

It is possible to sell variations of a product, i.e. different sizes of a bracelet. The different options available for the product are listed as variants on your product page prior to purchasing so customers need to choose from the selection you're offering. 

If you're looking to offer even more customized details, then you'd want to give clients the opportunity to connect with you before or after the purchase to let you know what exactly they're looking for. To do this, they can use the Contact form on the store to reach you by email or you can integrate Facebook Messenger live chat. That way, you can discuss the request with them before or after the purchase to ensure they'll receive the product according to their preference.

With the live chat option, the Messenger icon will pop up on your storefront and so you can prompt visitors to get in contact with you for custom-made orders. See our Help Guide here for instructions.

Note: If you use the stock feature in combination with variants, the product will show "out of stock" only for the variants that have been sold out. 

You can add as many variants as you like and set the price and stock for each individually. 

How does shipping work on Sellfy?

Important! Sellfy does not provide shipping or fulfillment services. 

Selling physical products on Sellfy means that you'll be responsible for the delivery of the product. You must make sure that you set your shipping options to only include the countries/regions that you are physically and legally able to ship to. 

Depending on your location, you may also be able to ship easily within the United States but will encounter difficulties or higher costs for shipping to Europe or other parts of the world. To customize shipping options specifically for your physical products through Sellfy, you'll create your own Shipping Profiles. Shipping Profiles allow you to set shipping rates for different countries, regions, and products.

To create a Shipping Profile, you'll:

  1. Go to Shipping settings > Add new shipping rate
  2. Add a profile name (this is for your purpose only to easily manage your settings)
  3. Choose which products you'll be offering at this rate
  4. Add the shipping zones and rates (countries and/or regions)
  5. Save.

Flatrate and combined shipping

When setting the price for shipping, you'll want to make sure to add a price for both Cost and With others individually. 

If you want to offer flat shipping rates for your store, you'll want to use the same price in the Cost column for each product and set the price in the With others column to $0 for each product. That way, the shipping cost for multiple items will be the price you entered in the Cost column. If you add a price for shipping With others, we'll automatically calculate the shipping costs for you by adding the price of With others to the highest Cost.

Cost - the total cost for shipping an item to the region/country selected if purchased on its own.

With others - the cost that is added to the total shipping price if the item is purchased in combination with another item of a higher shipping price.

Note: The total shipping cost of an order will equal the price of the most expensive shipping cost plus the "with others" shipping cost for any additional items.

For more details about shipping, read here.

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