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What are email credits?

Email credits are the number of emails that can be used for sending an email marketing campaign with Sellfy's built-in Email Marketing feature. One email credit equals one recipient [email]. 

This means that if you are creating an email campaign about a Product launch, for instance, and are sending the campaign to all of your newsletter subscribers, the number of email credits that you need to send the campaign will equal the number of recipients in your newsletter subscriber list. For example, if your newsletter subscriber list contains 5,000 recipients you will need 5,000 email credits in your account to send the campaign successfully.

Email credits included in your plan

If you are using the Free plan, the email marketing feature is not automatically included in your plan. If you're using the Starter, Business or Premium plan, or any of Sellfy's discontinued plans, you'll have access to Sellfy's inbuilt email marketing feature in your account and receive a certain number of email credits each month. 

Important! Email credits included in Sellfy's Starter, Business and Premium plan and the discontinued Basic, Pro, and Pro Plus plan are renewed on the first of each month. Email credits that were not used in any one month's period will expire and not roll over to the next month.

For current Sellfy plans, email credits are as follows::

Subscription plan Email credits per month
Starter N/A
Business 10,000
Premium 50,000

For discontinued Sellfy plans, email credits are as follows:

Subscription plan
Email credits per month
Basic 10,000
Pro 50,000
Pro Plus 50,000

If you require (additional) email credits at any given time to use for an email campaign, you can purchase email credits directly in your Sellfy account. Email credits are available for purchase with all plans

How do email credits work?

Each time you create an email campaign using Sellfy's inbuilt Email Marketing feature, you must have sufficient email credits available in your account in order to send the campaign to your selected recipient list. The number of credits you need for each campaign depends on the size of your recipient list. 

The email credits are deducted from the available credits in your Sellfy account automatically and will match the number of recipients for the campaign that you sent. If you don't have sufficient email credits to create a campaign, you can purchase email credits as an add-on with any Sellfy plan. 

Note: Sellfy will use all of your free email credits (Business and Premium plan) first for sending campaigns before deducting credits from your paid email credits.

For example, if you're using the Business plan and purchase 25,000 email credits in addition to your free 10,000 email credits that are included in your plan, you will have a total of 35,000 email credits available in your account. If you create an email campaign to send to 15,000 recipients, we will subtract the free 10,000 credits plus 5,000 from the additional credits you have purchased. Unless you create another campaign and use the remaining 20,000 email credits, the paid credits will be transferred to the next month.

How much do email credits cost?

The cost of email credits is $2 USD per 1,000 credits, and there is a  2,500 minimum when you purchase email credits. The maximum amount of credits available for purchase at one time is 1,000,000.

The more credits you purchase at a time, the lower the cost per 1,000 credits. For example:

If you buy more than 50,000 - 25% discount 
If you buy more than 100,000 - 50% discount

If you buy more than 250,00065% discount

How can I purchase additional email credits?

If you don't have enough email credits to send a campaign to the number of recipients selected from the recipient list, you can purchase email credits in the Email Marketing section of your Sellfy account. 

Note: email credits purchased as add-ons in your account will not expire and are transferred to the next month.

To get additional email credits, go to Email MarketingBuy email credits > Choose your add-on option from the menu or enter an amount manually > Buy credits.

After you confirmed the purchase, the payment is collected in your account and the email credits are added immediately.

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