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What is the Cart Abandonment feature?

How an abandoned cart is created

How is the data collected?

How do I read the data available?

How do I configure a follow-up email?

What does the follow-up email look like?

Which Sellfy Subscriptions have access to this feature?

What is the Cart Abandonment feature?

This feature will show you how many customers have unfinished orders. Then you can configure automatic emails and even discounts to gain some of this potential revenue.

How an abandoned cart is created 

Important! You must have "Enable email subscription" ON under checkout features for cart data to be saved. See more here.

Each abandoned cart is a missed sale. For some reason, your potential customer chose not to complete their order. An abandoned cart is created each time a potential customer meets the following conditions:

  1. Adds an item(s) to their shopping cart
  2. Start the checkout process
  3. Gives consent or checks the box to receive "news, offers and product updates"
  4. Doesn't complete check out and leaves the site

Average rates of cart abandonment are shown to be around 70%. It could be as many as 70% of your potential customers leave, just before they finish their order.

Thankfully, emails sent to customers who have added products to their cart, but failed to check out, have proven to be super effective, with an average open rate of around 45%!

This means sending cart recovery emails is a remarkably effective sales recovery tactic. It will help to increase your overall revenue and reduce the number of uncompleted orders by saving the shopping cart and offering the shopper a reminder to finish the order. You can also provide exclusive discounts to incentivize them to complete the order!

How is the data collected?

Note: Data for the Abandoned Cart section is collected once the feature is enabled (with the Business, Premium or Custom plan).

For Sellfy to collect data about abandoned carts in your store, two things are required:

  1. The customer entered their email address at checkout
  2. The customer checked the newsletter subscription box (you can make this a default setting)

How do I read the data available?

Abandoned cart data helps to analyze how many customers leave their carts without completing a purchase and more importantly, what amount of revenue you've been able to recover from these undecided customers.

In your Cart Abandonment section, you’ll see your store’s abandoned cart data (1), campaign tab (2), and analytics tab (3).

Different details included in the data include:

  • Buyer's email address
  • The date and time of the unfinished order
  • How many items were added to the cart
  • The total price of an order
  • The delivery status of the reminder email
  • If the order was recovered and completed

Through the data in section one, you can easily see the most important info:

Abandoned carts - How many orders have not been completed by shoppers that started the checkout.

Potential Revenue - Collectively, how much money could be made if the shoppers were to complete their order.

Recovered Carts - How many shoppers returned and completed their order after you sent them a reminder email.

Recovered Revenue - Collectively, how much money you've been able to make from these returning shoppers.

How do I configure a follow-up email?

With the new feature, you can:

  • Set a time period for sending a cart recovery email
  • Give a discount on the products in the cart
  • Customize your cart abandonment email

We’ve created a ready-made email draft, so you don't need to create one. Though, you can edit the template, if you prefer!

To send follow-up emails to your customers, go to  Marketing Cart abandonment. Now, you can start setting up your cart abandonment campaign by clicking Configure.

1. From a drop-down menu, you can choose a time period, after which the email reminder will be sent to the customers who have left your store without checking out.

Note: Don’t wait for days to send recovery emails. You have the best chance to recover revenue them back if you send emails around 30 minutes after they’ve visited your store. 

2. Give your customers an additional incentive to complete the purchase by adding the discount to the whole shopping cart.

Important! Only one discount, the greater discount, will apply to an order. If a customer already has an item in their cart that has a greater discount, the abandoned cart discount will not be applied.

3. By clicking on Edit template, you’ll be able to change the subject and the body of the email template, add images, links, and template tags. Once you’re happy with the result, you can send a test email to yourself to look at it from the customer’s perspective.

What does the follow-up email look like? 

The email that is sent to the store shopper is customizable. You're able to edit the subject line and content to fit your personal brand. If you choose not to edit this template, we provide a default template, as seen below.

There is more than one way to edit the default Email Template. You can choose one of two ways:

  1. Go to your Store Settings > Email Templates > Abandoned Cart
  2. Go to Marketing > Cart Abandonment > Configure > Edit Template

Read more about customizing Email Templates here.

Which Sellfy subscriptions have access to this feature?

The abandoned cart feature is only available for users that have a Business, Premium, or Custom subscription plan. 

This means that it's not available to our sellers that may have the Starter plan or any of our Discontinued plans. In order to take advantage of this feature, you would need to process an upgrade

For questions or help with processing an upgrade, please contact us at [email protected].

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