Product Guidelines

Good presentation makes your product more understandable to potential customers, which leads to more sales.
It enhances the discoverability of your products by making them search-friendly. 
Most importantly, it helps to avoid misunderstandings and unwanted refunds.

Before you start working on product presentation, make sure the content is in line with our rules. Here's the full list of prohibited content.

There are 3 key components to consider in product presentation:

1. Product Title

The title should help customers immediately understand what your product is about and it should include accurate keywords that customers are likely to type into search engines like Google search. 

To get a clear and discoverable product title, try following this simple formula: product name + product type + product variation (if any).
For example, “ Culina” + “kitchen tools icons” + “black” make up a perfect title - Culina: kitchen tools icons with black lines.

2. Product Description

To compose a clear and compelling product description, try to include the following elements:

  1. About the product. Tell your customers exactly what you're selling and what they'll get, including the file format.
  2. Product benefits. Describe the value your buyers will receive with this product, emphasize its unique features.
  3. Prerequisites. Describe if buyers need to have any skills or programs to use your product.
  4. Instructions. If the product requires specific software or apps to use it, make sure to provide product setup instructions. 
  5. License information. If the product comes with a license, describe its terms and any product use limitations it may impose. 
  6. Keywords for SEO. To achieve higher SEO rankings, we recommend that you write at least 300 words per description and use unique keywords that describe your products. Here are some more SEO tips to make your products rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Here's how to customize your product descriptions with our rich text editor.

3. Product preview images & media

Your product preview images/video/audio should display precisely what your customer will get, in the best way possible. Essentially, it’s a very short version of your product description.

It's essential to have high-quality content presenting your product, so make sure to follow our size and dimensions recommendations for best results.

Here's how to add media previews from Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud.

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