How to manage your Sellfy subscription and billing

Upgrading from trial

Upgrading to a more advanced plan

Downgrading to a less advanced plan

Errors when upgrading

How to cancel Sellfy subscription

For Sell Downloads app on Wix users

Upgrading from trial

Note: Even if you upgrade before the trial has ended, the first subscription payment is collected immediately.

The Pro and Pro Plus plans start with a 14-day trial period. Once the trial ends, you'll need to upgrade to keep using your store.

There are two ways to upgrade after or during the trial period:

  1. In your account, navigate to Account → Billing and press Activate subscription.
  2. On the Pricing page (make sure you're logged in).


If you're already a subscribed user and want to upgrade to a more advanced plan, navigate to Store Settings → Billing in your Sellfy account and press All plans to choose another plan. 

Note: The new plan will be enabled immediately, but your payment schedule (billing cycle) will remain the same. For example, if your invoice typically comes on the 10th of every month, it stays the same.

On the day you upgrade, you'll receive an invoice that consists of:

  • The first payment for the new plan (first payment will cover the remaining days before the start of the next billing cycle); 
  • Sum transaction fee (for all the orders you had from the beginning of the current billing cycle to the new upgrade day).

Plus, you'll also receive a refund for the unused days that remained in your previous plan.

Here's an example: you're using the Basic plan (which is a discontinued plan) since October 15, and your next invoice is due on November 15. You upgrade from Basic to Pro on November 2 (middle of your current billing cycle), and you receive an invoice which contains: 

  •  Payment for the Pro plan (you upgrade in the middle of the billing cycle, so, in this case, you only pay half ($29 / 2 = $14.50))
  •  Transaction fee for orders from October 15 - November 2. 

You also receive a refund for the unused days (in this case, half of your Basic plan payment ($9 / 2 = $4.50))


Important note: If you joined Sellfy before September 27, 2017 and you're currently using the Professional plan ($15 or $9 (discounted offer) monthly) or the Legacy plan and decide to upgrade, it won't be possible to switch back to these discontinued plans. You may only choose from the current Pricing plans as presented on our Pricing page.

To downgrade from Pro Plus to Pro:

  1. Navigate to Store Settings → Billing in your Sellfy account
  2. Press All plans
  3. Select the Pro plan. 

Note: The new plan will be enabled only when the new billing cycle starts.

Here's an example: you are using the Pro Plus plan since October 20 and you decide to downgrade on November 10. You'll be using the Pro Plus plan until November 20 because that's when your billing cycle re-starts. Your account will be downgraded to Pro on November 20.

Errors when upgrading

If you experience any errors during the upgrade process:

  1. Check if your card and/or PayPal account have enough balance to pay the subscription cost.
  2. Make sure your card is set up for recurring payments and that it's not put on a temporary hold. Only your bank can help with these issues, so please reach out to your bank for help.
  3. If you've done the previous steps and it's still not possible to upgrade, please contact us at [email protected]

Important note: If you're already using the Sell Downloads app on Wix and want to upgrade to Pro or Pro Plus on with the same account, please cancel the app subscription first. Using the two together is problematic because the app will override all Pro features.

How to cancel your Sellfy subscription

If you've decided to stop using your Sellfy subscription, 

  1. Go to Account → Billing
  2. Click Cancel subscription

Important note: The subscription will not be closed immediately, it will continue until the end of the running billing cycle. So, for example, if your billing cycle is set to renew on September 10, but you cancel on September 1, the subscription will remain active until September 10. And, the last invoice will be collected on the last day of the subscription, to collect the transaction fees. 

For Sell Downloads app on Wix users

The Sell Downloads app on is incompatible with the Pro and Pro Plus plans on You can use either one or the other, but not both in one account.

Important note: If you want to switch from using the Sell Downloads app on Wix to the Pro or Pro Plus plan, please, make sure to cancel your subscription to the Sell Downloads app first, and then contact our support team to disconnect the app from your account.

To cancel your Sell Downloads app subscription, follow the instructions here:

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