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Sellfy subscription plans

Note: During the trial, the product checkout is disabled, so you won't be able to sell any products until you've upgraded your account.

Each of our plans starts off with a 14-day free trial, to give you a chance to see all the features that Sellfy offers. You can upgrade your account any time - during or after the trial. But, after your trial period ends, you need to upgrade your subscription if you want to continue using Sellfy. 

Currently, Sellfy offers three paid plans. Each can be used monthly, or you can purchase a longer time period like a one-year or two-year plan. When you buy a year or two at a time, you can save money on your subscription cost!

Subscription Plan Monthly price One-year price Two-year price
Starter $29 $264 $456
Business $79 $708 $1176
Premium $159 $1428 $2376

If you're using the Pro, Pro Plus, or Basic plan, refer to this article for more information: Discontinued plans

What's the difference between the plans?

All our subscriptions have a slightly different set of features - choose the one that suits your needs. New features are released on a regular basis and added to these plans. For the major differences between plans, see the table below.

Starter Business  Premium
Annual Sales Limit Up to $10K Up to $50K Up to $200K
Email Marketing Credits  2,000 10,000  50,000
Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customization yes yes yes
Discounts yes yes yes
Upselling no yes yes
Cart Abandonment no yes yes
Product types that can be sold Physical Print on demand merchandise Digital Subscriptions yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Free migration from other platforms Email contact migration Product migration Store design migration yes no no yes yes no yes yes yes
Premium support no no yes

What is migration?

Migration is the moving of information and/or files to your new Sellfy account. We can offer you assistance in adding your email contacts to the built-in Marketing tool, uploading product files, or helping recreate a current store design.

This is especially useful if you already have an online store with a different platform. We can help make that switch as easy as possible.

Note: The type of migration available will depend on the plan that you've subscribed to and each is intended to be a one-time service. 

The three types of migration available are:

Email contact migration - This refers to importing your current list of marketing contacts or customer email addresses to your new Sellfy account. That enables you to use Sellfy's built-in Marketing tool, seamlessly. Email contact migration is included with all our plans and takes 1-2 business days to complete. Available with all three paid plans.

Product migration - This means that we'll upload your product files and/or product description for you. Product migration is available with the Business and Premium plans, only. This service can take 5-20 business days to complete.

Store design migration - This means we can incorporate design elements from your website to your new Sellfy store. Our team will attempt to replicate your current website layout and color scheme as much as possible. Though, please keep in mind that there may be some limitations. Store design migration is available with the Premium plan only and can take 5-20 business days to complete.

What fees does Sellfy charge?

Sellfy charges a recurring monthly, yearly or two-year subscription cost - depending on the plan you selected. You'll only pay the set subscription cost. There are no transaction fees from Sellfy. But, there are fees for transactions from both payment processors, PayPal and Stripe.

Payment processor fees

Sellfy offers two payment processing options: PayPal and Stripe. Both charge a transaction fee for each individual transaction that is deducted directly from your product price. This fee will be visible in your balance immediately after receiving the payment from your customer.

PayPal fees 

  • 2.9% + $0.30 in the US for each transaction
  • 3.4% + $0.30 on average worldwide for each transaction

To find out more and what charges apply according to your location, click here.

Stripe fees

  • 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction

To find out more and what charges apply according to your location, click here


Q: What is upselling?

A: Product upselling is an awesome tool that has been proven to help increase sales. When a customer adds an item to their shopping cart, an exclusive discount pops up for them. If they purchase the item in their cart, they can get the second item at a discount or even free! See more of how it works here.

Q: What are email credits?

A: Email credits each count as one email sent from our Email Marketing tool. With the Starter plan, you'll get 2,000 of these credits, allowing you to send 2,000 emails each month. On the Business plan, this means that you'll be able to send 10,000 emails to your customers each month. On the Premium plan, you can send 50,000 per month. You can send more if needed, but you'll need to purchase additional email credits in order to send more during that month. Email Marketing makes it easy to send out discounts, notify followers of sales, send product updates or connect with customers in a personal way.

Q: What is priority support?

A: We love all of our sellers here at Sellfy!  But if you're a seller that has a BIG audience, chances are when you have a problem or need a new feature developed, it's a BIG need. We'll make sure to take care of your concerns as soon as possible and do our very best to serve your unique needs.

Q: Can I change plans, even if I want to change before my yearly subscription is up?

A: You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Any prepaid subscription time will be applied to the cost of your new subscription. So, if you have half a year of the Starter plan left that you've paid for, but you want to upgrade to the Business plan, you can change your plan and we'll apply the paid for time as a credit to the cost of the new plan. If you're downgrading your plan, make sure that your annual sales match the limits for the plan below your current plan. Downgrade changes will take place after your current subscription period ends. So, for a monthly plan that means you'll start the lower plan after your current month ends.

For example, if you upgrade from Starter to Business after using your Starter plan for 6 months: Business plan cost for 6 months $234 - Credit for 6 months of the Starter plan $114 = Cost of upgrade $120

Q: What happens if I go over the annual sales limit set for my plan?

A: If you do exceed the annual sales limit for your current subscription plan, you will be expected to upgrade to the next subscription plan in the pricing tier. We've specifically designed the tools and available features for each plan to best assist you and your customers. So, you'll have a slightly higher monthly or annual cost with access to more features to help continue your store growth! If you do go over the limit, we’ll make sure to notify you in the Dashboard of your account if you have reached the amount of revenue set for your plan. But, if the account has not upgraded, we may start to charge a 2% overage fee for the amount of revenue that has gone over the subscription plan limits.

Q: If I sign up for a year and then I cancel, do I get a refund?

A: If you've signed up for an annual plan and need to cancel within the first month, please email our support at [email protected] to get help. But, if you're canceling your annual plan after the first month, then your store will remain open for the rest of the paid time and we won't be able to issue a refund. If you're uncertain of whether you want an annual plan, try a month first! You can always upgrade to the annual plan later on.

Q: I want to upgrade to a paid plan using my PayPal account balance. I have sufficient funds available but I can’t make the payment. Why?

A: If this happens, it likely means that you don't have a credit card or debit card connected to your PayPal account. Sellfy can't accept payments made from your PayPal wallet because the subscription payment is recurring (monthly or annual) and so you'll need to connect a valid debit card or credit card to purchase a subscription plan. 

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