Payment methods available on Sellfy

A cool perk of using Sellfy regardless of your plan is that you will receive the payments immediately after a purchase is made, which means no waiting for monthly payouts!

In the Pro and Pro Plus subscription plans as well as in the Sell Downloads app on Wix, we offer two payment collection methods: PayPal and Stripe (for card payments only). 

It's important that your PayPal account is set up to accept the currencies you'll offer on your Sellfy store. You can use a personal PayPal account, no need to have a Business account. Plus, make sure you verify your PayPal account before you can start accepting payments as a seller.

If you want to collect card payments with your PayPal account, be aware that your customers will have to create a PayPal account to do that. To make your customers' experience more pleasant, you may want to consider adding Stripe as another payment option.

Stripe will enable card payments on your store. Please refer to for further information about their fees or if you need further assistance in setting up an account there.

You can add these payment options in the Store Settings section under Payment Options.

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