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What file formats can I sell?

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What is Sellfy's bandwidth limit?

Can I host my own products?

How to upload digital products on Sellfy?

Note: Before you start uploading products to your store, make sure you check the list of products that aren't allowed on Sellfy. As the store owner, you must comply with Sellfy's Terms and Conditions and know what types of products you can and can't sell on our platform. We also recommend you to familiarise yourself with the Product Presentation to get the most out of our product preview tools. 

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. In your sidebar menu, click Products
  3. Select Add new product
  4. Choose between a single Digital product or a Subscription product with recurring billing (for more information about Subscription products click here)
  5. Drag & drop the product file onto the upload area or click Browse on your computer
  6. Describe and categorize your product as suggested in the Product presentation article
  7. Click Add media preview or Add image to edit your Product preview

How to upload multiple files?

Both the Pro and Pro Plus subscriptions allow for multiple product file uploads. You can include up to 25 files in one product upload.

If you have more than 25 files per product or if you'd prefer to offer your product as single or multiple folders, you can upload a compressed .zip or .rar folder.

For instructions on how to create a .zip folder on Windows, click here.

For instructions on how to create a .zip folder on Mac, click here

How to update or re-upload product files

Once you've uploaded your digital product on Sellfy, you can edit it whenever you want. This means you can also change the product file to offer an updated version to the buyers. 

Unless you've previously told your customers they'll receive a product update, make sure to also send out a Product Update email to let them know about the changes and to re-send them the download link. At the moment, Product Update emails are only sent out to those customers who opted into receiving news from you by checking the opt-in box at the Checkout. Read more about email updates in the section below.

Note: Email marketing is available in the Pro and Pro Plus plans as well as the discontinued Basic plan.

To change the product file, 

  1. Go to the Products section
  2. Select the product you want to edit
  3. Upload the new file(s) just like you uploaded the original file(s)
  4. Delete the old file, if it's no longer necessary in the updated product version

Important! Product files are deleted permanently and can't be retrieved from our servers. If you don't have backups on your own computer, make sure to download files before you delete them.

How to notify customers about product updates

Once you've updated the product file, send out an email to previous buyers to let them know about the changes.

To send out an email about the product update,

  1. Go to Marketing → Email marketing
  2. Click the Send new email button
  3. In the Campaign type drop-down list, select Product Update
  4. Select the product you've updated
  5. The recipient list is set to automatically include only the buyers of the selected product
  6. Enter email subject
  7. Enter email content
  8. Click on the Add download button checkbox below the email content editor to make sure your buyers receive the updated download link
  9. Finally, click Send emails (you can also send out a test email to yourself first)

What is the maximum product file size?

The maximum product file size will depend on the Sellfy plan you’re using. There is no limit to the overall storage in your store, but there is a limit for individual product files. Look at the table below to see what the limits are for each plan.

Note: We recommend that you keep the individual file size below 5GB to ensure that your customers are able to download your products. Due to differences in internet availability across regions, some customers may not be able to save large product files and, as a result, may request refunds. 

Pro & Pro Plus Wix Sell Downloads Legacy(discontinued) Basic (discontinued)
Single file uploads 5GB 5GB 5GB 5GB
Multiple file uploads 10GB not available not available 10GB    

Product images/videos

25 25 6 25

What file formats can I sell?

Sellfy supports all static file formats, meaning you can upload pretty much any digital file that can be downloaded and used independently. 

Note: Make sure to inform your customers about how to handle specific or rare file formats. For example, many users have trouble opening archive folders (.zip/.rar), so it's useful to add some instructions to save them a lot of frustration and prevent refunds. Please be aware that some customers may choose to download your product on their smartphones or tablets, where certain file formats may be difficult or impossible to open.

How many products can I add to my store?

There is no limitation on how many products you can sell. 

What is Sellfy's bandwidth limit?

Bandwidth is unlimited. Sellfy has no restriction on data transfer.

Can I host my own products?

No. We host all products on Sellfy servers, and this can't be changed.

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